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no one at all can tell you if you truly are gay or if youre not cause no one knows you better than yourself. the best we can do is guess and if i had to guess then id have to say yes that you are gay. but theres a chance i could be wrong and maybe its just a phase thats taking a really long time to pass. ive heard of guys that thought they were straight until they were 50 years old and met a guy that really won them over and then they called themselves gay. ive also heard of gay guys who have the opposite reaction when it came to girls. sexuality is a really weird thing

and for your 2nd question, thats a choice best left to you. i wouldnt ask a question as personal as that on a message board on the internet. if you want to then you can but if you dont want to then dont. there are pros and cons for coming out or staying in but in the end its really up to you to decide
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