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Default Staring into her Blue Eyes


I don't know about you but when I first fell in love it killed me. I had nothing. I find it absolutely depressing when I would think of her.
Don't you find it funny how you just wake up to what seems to be another completely ordinary and normal day and you have no idea what happens? I mean I knew I was going up Breckenridge Colorado, I go up there every year. I live in Parker Colorado...only a short two hour drive...not so bad if you just stay on the highway.

I eventually woke up in the car at about 7:30 at night in downtown Breckenridge. The lights were amazing. The night life itself was amazing. A local band was setting up to play...a band that is now Goth's new superstars I AM GHOST. Their not to bad actually. We were going to meet my mom's college buddy...Mrs. Johnson and her friends the Whites. We are all the same religion (catholic...) We waited and waited in this little pizza parlor that was actually build like a log cabin. The place was getting packed. People were coming in by groups of five. I was getting clammy and clastrophobic so I decided to move out of the parlor and take a short walk around the block.

Now you see it's at moments like this when you let your gaurd down you don't know what is going to happen. When I turned the corner...I saw her. Of course I didn't know I was going to know her...but I saw her and was immediately attracted to her. I couldn't tell you why but I just let it drop. I thought to myself "ok whatever..." but when I went into the pizza place to meet up with my parents I said hi to everyone, turned around to go sit down, and of course if you know me in person it's all about making an entrance for me. Now this girl, she comes up to my shoulders so I didn't see her at the time. I basically ran right into her and realized it was the girl I had seen on the street.

It's interesting when you find yourself in these kinds of situations. You are in the most beautiful place in the world especially at night, and you some how manage to become friends with a girl you weren't even expecting to know. It's just interesting and it can be interperted a million different ways.

So I turned around and basically ran into her. "Whoa Jheeze.." I said. I did one of those stand on your tippytoes and then fall backwards moves that you see.
"Sorry..." she said.
"Ahh don't worry about it. I'm always making bizarre entrances in places like this..." I said. She sounded like she felt guilty. So anyways Mrs. Johnson comes over and introduces us and for the sake of safety I'm going to call her Alexus and her sister, Lauren. Mrs. Johnson has a son...we'll call him John.

So after I ran into her she looked at me...with the most beautiful crystal blue eyes I have ever seen in my life. (I'm not one of those guys who just wants to get layed) Oh and to add to the dramatic effect...right as I look into her eyes I can hear the guitar solo...the best one in the world being played outside. More to the irony heh?

So we sat down and had dinner. You;de be amazed at how much you get to know a person within an hour. So afterwards we all went to get crepes. (I LOVE THOSE...) I was in the back of everyone who was walking on the sidewalk thinking about her and how amazing she was. To my luck she comes and stands next to me. But I can't really remember what she said considering this is the 05-06 season.

So things kinda clicked. I mean even my dad saw something between us...which in all honesty is kind of creepy and disturbing. So the next day we meet up with them the next morning and went snowboarding. Eventually the lift opened so I decided to go take a quick warm up run while we were waiting. Yea I took the wrong lift and ended up on a black. Now knowing me and my entrances I finally get to a part where I can get speed but of course once i reach top notch speed i hit a short mogul run and she sees nothing but a big white clowd errupt from the slope. We boarded for the day. Had a lot of fun doing it to. Later that night we all went up to copper mountain, and had dinner. Talk about a beautiful night. The moon was out causing the snow to completely reflect and light everything up.

So before dinner I went outside and just sat out there. I'm a sucker for sights like that. I love them. I just sat there...and stared at the sparkeling snow. Waited for the dinner I ordered to arive at our table inside. Then she came out with me and sat at the table I was sitting at.
"Interesting entrance you made today..." she said. I laughed a little and just looked at her.
"It's all about the entrance," I said.
"What happened..?"
"Just hit a bump. Got on the wrong slope."

This is where I knew something was going on inside of me that was now officially out of my control. I was feeling something...I was falling in love. I looked at her and stared into her eyes. Oh My God I don't know if it was my mind playing tricks on me or what but I swear the moon was reflecting in them. Her hair was pressed know...kinda like hat hair except this was more like beanie hair. She was so cute and so adorable...I didn't stop staring.

"What do you mean got on the wrong slope?"
"Basically I made a wrong turn and wound up on a black diamond."
"It wasn't on purpose though...all my entrances are accidents..."
She laughed a little then stared up at the moon.
"It's amazing isn't it..." she said.
"What? The mountain...the moon...the snow...the people..."
She looked at me...
"Or all four..."
"I'll vote for all four..."
"Me to..." I said.

I looked her in the eyes. I stared into her beautiful blue eyes. Then she looked back up. I leaned in, brushed her hair out of her eye, and gently kissed her. She kissed me back...then we moved away...
it was perfect.

"How often do you come up...?" I asked desperately
"I try every year..." she said.

At this point the band I Am Ghost is playing a song called THIS IS HOME. I just recently found out the bands theme...about a vampire and an angel who fall in love but can't be with each other because he's a vampire from hell and she is an angel from heaven. All of their songs have someway to relate to how they spend time with each other but how they can't be together. Recently I found out that the song THIS IS HOME is concluding their journey and how the vampire had to sacrifice his love for the angel because he is condemned to hell. More irony because this comes right up my alley in the near by future.

"hey guys dinner is here..." said Mrs. Johnson when she came out. We both got up. I held the door open and walked in. We ate and talked some more but it wasn't as intimate. No one ever found out about that kiss...

Then our parents decide "hey lets go tubing" and we do so. We all had a lot of fun doing that. But I was waiting in line I asked her where she lived. She said Miami Florida. At this point my mind went "shit what did I just do to myself...what did I just do to her..."

I was mostly concerned with her...
But I dropped it for the night. I felt it was rather unnecisarry to get depressed at the moment. But I couldn't help but think that.

We went back into the lodge...
And we said our see you laters. I never say goodbye because I know I will see her again. But we said see you later. I hugged her, and her sister to make things a little less awkward. But I did.

That night I fell asleep dreaming of her and dreaming over and over again of that kiss.
One year later I returned to copper mountain with friends. I left the hotel room when everyone was sleeping and sat down in that same chair. I kept looking there wanting to see her...wanting to kiss her again but not being able to. I eventually cried. No one was out there but me...and I just cried...wanting her to to be there so badly.

I also returned to breckenridge with memories of her...returning to the exact same slope. I almost cried there to.

But being back at copper mountain.
Being back at that place and sitting in that exact same killed me. To this day people go there...people go to the pizza store...completely unaware that two kids fell madly in love with each other.

I can't help but fall asleep everynight thinking of the first time i met her...wanting to be with her...wanting her to be with me....

The full moon reminds me of her.
The slopes...remind me of her.

Later that year I snowboarded down the continental divide alone. I wasn't thinking of anything but her at that moment.

This is my love story...and it's not over. I have to stop writing this is killing me on the inside. It its hurting to much because I have had to recall every memory I have had with her...
I have had to recall the Kiss
I have had to recall being with her...
I have had to recall staring into her blue eyes...


Our Love will Never Die...
I Am Ghost

What we do in life echoes in eternity.
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