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yeah, but that was before adam and eve sinned. after they sinned they discovered their sexuality and everyone covered up after that.
This is all assuming you take the bible literally and don't believe in good science and you don't realize that people haven't worn clothes in many cultures that are older than the bible says the world is. Of course now after reading the preceding sentence you will think "No, nothing in the bible is a story written by people over 2,000 years ago in an attempt to explain something they did not understand at the time. Also, the world really is 10,000 years old and all those people were sinners for not being exposed to and accepting the same religious ideas as me. Just to add, dinosaurs are still alive in Africa and you're going to hell motherfucker (lord forgive me)."

Masturbate to porn all you want. Those women agreed to being fucked on camera and were payed a bit of money.
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