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Originally Posted by amigay View Post
Sorry to borrow your post, but I didn't want to be opening another post asking similar questions.

Anyway, here goes, actually, I've been having this feeling for quite a long time now, bout 2 years, almost 3 now I guess, that I could actually be gay, but I really can't tell for certain. 1st of all, I've almost never, fell for girls, well, they are nice, but I never really get too attracted to any of them to have a relationship. And for quite a long time, I've seemed to have a liking to a friend of mine, 2 of my friends actually, but I kinda lost touch with 1 of them now.

I really really admire this guy, and sometimes I really don't know what to think about him, it makes me feel that I'm falling for him, to a stage that I think I'm actually gay. Well, the problem isn't really with being gay. I don't mind actually, if I really am gay. But my problem is that I haven't told anyone yet. Because the place where I stay here is kinda closed on these things. Well, there are a few lesbians in my school, but I don't really know them personally.

Could someone please tell me whether I'm really gay or not, btw, I'm 18 this year. And whether I should tell anyone, or that friend of mine about it.
This should be in a diff thread anyway in a diff place like the gay bar. I request that labor to be done
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