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Default Girls help plz...i beg of you...desperate here

Hey so before i ask questions i have a long long story to tell otherwise the questions will be completely irrelivant to the topic at hand.

So during the 05-06 ski season i met a girl up at Breckenridge Colorado (my fav. place in the world...) and seriously not even joking first time i layed eyes on her found her to be the most beautiful girl i have ever layed eyes on. I got to know her and liked her.

So neways last month during the first week of june i saw her again cuz her mom is my moms moms friend etc. etc. That week i basically fell for her...even more to the point of actually falling in love with her so i think. Not sure. Neways we hung out for like 3 days. 1st day was just a cookout and hung out in the pool. (heres where u need to start paying attention) She pushed me into the pool with my jeans on (thank god my iPod and phone weren't in there) because "your mom told me to do it," when i confronted my mom about it my mom just said she told her to get me wet not push me in. So then i was in and i got one of those foam noodles and we basically got into a noodle fight and of course she doesn't back down. We get out of the pool blah...then we go inside...and played pool...with some friends but she wouldn't quit asking me so i finally did it and played her a few times. (Yes i got not on purpose)

So neways DAY 2:
We all went to a water park. Me my bro and my bro's friend and met up at lunch to go ride a few slides etc. She turns down riding a slide that made me nervouse with her best friend and basically says shes going to ride with me. I didn't ask her or nething it was just out of the blue. Then we went in this lazy river which wasn't exactly so lazy...(unless u count the fat ppl that fell asleep) So wen we all get out she misses th exit thingy and tries to swim up stream...doesn't exactly work...she yells MY NAME (i'm standing where every1 else is) we got out and laughed that was funny.

Universal studios...that is always fun. We go on a bunch of rides and of course i find out she hates horror movies right when we are ON the cart for the ride THE MUMMY (ehh the walkthrough was creepy cuz they have a statue of the egyptian God of the dead Anubis.) So i'm thinking "ahh christ..." I just told her it wont be to scary and she just said ok and sits next to me. come to think of it she sat next to me on 95% of the rides...
after that rain just downpours. now me being the oldest and moms being moms and not wanting to go out into the rain i have to go find a resturaunt that we can go into cuz we are in a gift shop about as big as my room (the E.T. Gift shop) and there are about 80 other ppl stuffed in there. now of course she goes "i'll go with..." *insert awkward moment here* so neways she goes with. The rain stops and we all go get starbucks and she seems really upset for some bizarre reason. I even asked her if she was ok...she said she was fine but something was bugging her.

Neways yea another thing...ever since i met her she has refused to call me Matt...instead she just calls me Matthew. She is the only person i know that calls me matthew unless i'm in trouble with my mom.

So question:
Does it sound like she likes me? I like her. I live in colorado and she lives in Florida but it would just make me feel a little better if what i just posted up there sounded like she liked me.

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