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I definitly DO NOT suggest stuffing (lol). The most you can do is wait. How old are you? It depends on your age mostly, but you do know every one is different. You might be able to get padded bras of some type, but yes it does depend on what size you already are.
I always got annoyed because I am very short (4' 1'') and I always felt like I had such a big chest for my height. Some always want to be bigger, while some always want to be smaller. But then you realize, "who are you trying to impress?" When you finally come to realize that it's no one else but yourself, you gain a little more insight

So don't worry too much because I think you don't have many options. You don't want to do something like stuffing due to social issues. You can always tell when some one is unnatural, I guess. But I hope you find a solution because that's all I can offer!

=) Goodday.
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