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Default Re: First time to a psychiatrist..

Thanks, guys.

What else should I watch out for once I go on meds? I'm tempted to ask that I be supervised for the entire first few days, by my parents or whomever, because I've had suicidal thoughts, no previous attempts, and am afraid that they might... well.

No one else noticed, or did anything about at least, that I was depressed. I talked to my therapist about it of my own accord. Now my mom is treating me completely differently. I'm trying to keep it from as many people as I can because I don't want the stereotypes. But for those who find out, is there a way to make them stop treating me differently?

I'm not as freaked about the psychiatric evaluation as I am about the meds, but I am afraid that I'll be too afraid to open up, or that I'll be straightforward and blunt to the point of foolishness (I can observe myself very well. It's almost like I can act as a third party - even when I'm pissed out of my mind I can still think rationally, kind of - I won't act on my rational thinking, i'll act on the part of me that's thinking irrationally, which is annoying as hell.) I'm worried that since I describe the symptoms with such accuracy (I fit the textbooks almost perfectly) that they'll think I'm faking just to get the pills. How can I keep that from happening.

Thanks a lot for the help!


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