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Default Re: The Bible :: Gay Debate

Originally Posted by rEpReSsIoN.? View Post
Christianity is so hypercritcal, In the bible it talks about women being unequal to men in the eyes of God, but in modern times they are considered by most Christians to be equal so why are not homosexual people considered equals in the modern day by the church?
NO WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT WOMEN ARE NOT EQUAL TO MEN IN THE EYES OF GOD. If you are refering to the bible counting people by number of men, and women not being treat as fairly as men, that is not god, that is just the way society was ran back then.

In the bible it does, however, specifically mention homosexuality as a sin, so we do not support it. However, in the church that i attend, gays would be welcome to come and worship with us. We are open to everyone. Funny how its bad to steotype gays, races, and others, but society widely excepts steotyping christans...

Some one once said, "Life is like a box of Chocolates...." well that must have been one crappy box of choclates. It must have been on clearence at a gas station!
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