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I ain't gonna tell you you can quit, because you already know you can. Cut out the X and the coke. Keep the marijuana to help you stop using the stimulants. Quit smoking weed when you're comfortable.

If none of that shit works, try (bear with me) finding something ELSE that makes you happy that isn't a drug. Music. Girls. Art. Cars. I don't know.

"small visual changes, time perception fades"
Huge visual changes -- the user is sometimes taken to completely different "planes" of exitence. Time is lost. Seconds can become hours in the user's mind.

"its a cat tranqulizer with uhhh...stuff mixed in"
True, it's a cat tranq, but there's almost never anything else in it. Just pure Ketamine HCl.

"cody - horse not cat, and its a derivative i believe, not the actual shit they inject horses with."
Ketamine is indeed the actual shit they inject horses with. The same stuff goes into cats, dogs, humans, and horses. Ketamine is, however, becoming less and less common in surgical procedures because of the "nightmares" it produces (emergence reactions).

"PCP is horse."
I don't think PCP was ever used on horses. PCP used to be used on humans, but the reactions were even worse than ketamine's, so they stopped a loooong time ago. I can guarantee they don't use PCP on horses today. 100% ketamine.

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