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Question Autophobia.

i don't think this is the right place to post this but i need help. In the past two years i started getting really bad anxiety attacks, so i went to the doctors and got some help. Lately i've been getting them bad and getting randomly depressed and i didn't know why. They'd get so bad that i couldn't eat and i couldn't stop crying. I thought it will probably go away within a few days but it didn't. I decided to look up things to see whats wrong. I started reading something and realized what was wrong. I have Autophobia (Fear of being alone or of oneself.) I started to think about it and i realized, i would get like that whenever i was alone. I read some symptoms and i have almost all of them.
I just wanna know if theres anyone else with this phobia and how they deal with it. I'm also confused why i never knew i had this until now?
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