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Default The First Cut

"The First Cut
Wasn't the deepest.
No, not at all.
It was like the others,
a sutble rend of anxious skin,
a gentle pulse of crimson,
just enough to hush the demons
shrieking inside my brain.
But this time they wouldn't
shut up. Just kept on
Howling, Like Mama,
when she was in a bad way.

Worst thing was, the older
I got, the more I began to see
how much I resembled Mama,
falling in and out of the blue,
then lifting up into the white.
That day I actually
thought about howling.
So I gave myself to the knife,
asked if to bite a little
harder, chew a little deeper.
The hot, scarlet rush
felt so delicious
I couldn't stop there.

The blade might have reached
bone, but my little
brother, Bryan,
barged into the bathroom,
found me leaning against
Grandma's new porcelain
tub, turning its unstained
white pink.
You should
have heard

him scream."
__Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

To the girl Ive fucked over: How would you have wanted me to tell you that I like the boy living with you? I dont want to be mean to you anymore, i do hate that part. but was long as your still mean.. then let it come, just know that at least one of these thoughts of slits in my arm are for you. so that you can sleep soundly tonight knowing that you hurt me too love.

To the girl who belives I dont love her anymore: youre sadly mistaken, I do love you and always will jsut like ive always told you while youre layin in my arms. never forget that.

To the boy in my future: october could not get here any slower. grr. you calm me down more than anyone else ever has. and i love that about you.

(no respond is really needed i just needed this on here for her to see.. if shell even see it..)

Only once the drugs are done.
That I feel like dying
...I feel like dying
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