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Default Re: Peer pressure help

aight look son.

ive been gone for a short break, and so ive come back now...

i like to consider myself a puberty help guru (MoveAlong is also considered one as well) so i can help you a lot

basically, masturbate.


nothing is wrong with it, and it is better for you to do then to not do.

im going to be honest here because i think that somebody has to say this and unfortunately im always the one who has to

"so tell us your most crazy jacking story"
"uhhh, i dont jack off"
"what? hahaha. hey jerry, get a load of this guy over here sayin he doesnt choke the chicken!"

ofcourse, this depends on your age, and the personality of your friends...JUST AN EXAMPLE.

i have a lot of different friends but most of them interfere with the more popular lifestyle, as i do too...and this is an example of what my friends would say and things like that. im also 15, and that plays a part in it too, because a seemingly exaggerated amount of kids have masturbated by then.

if you are 13 or 14 (pretty old still) then you might get away without as much embarassment. my advice is to lie about it, and read this site to get a lot of information about masturbating so you are somewhat educated.

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