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Originally Posted by lonelyboy15 View Post
I've been getting some curious feelings lately. I even watched a gay porn while I was masturbating, but the orgasm wasn't as intense as watching a straight porn. One time I even came faster to the gay porn than to the straight porn.. After the "gay" masturbation session I felt unsatisfied, awkward and sometimes disgusted. I wouldn't say I actually achieved an orgasm with the gay porn, but I seem to always achieve an orgasm with the straight porn. Correct me if I'm wrong but people can come but still not feel an orgasm... right? Because of that, I don't think I'm gay. I mean I've liked girls, looking at them, masturbating to them, etc. but all of a sudden on rare occasions like a every couple of weeks, I get an urge to do some gay like jerk off to a gay porno. I don't know why, since I don't enjoy it and especially since I think male anal sex is disgusting.

Another weird feeling is I've found some men to be attractive... attractive enough to give me an erection, but not more attractive than a woman. Sometimes my mind will tell me that a certain girl is attractive but when I look at a certain guy I get an erection to the guy instead of to the girl I just thought was attractive. Ive never fantasized about doing anything sexual with them (men) because as I said above I find that very disgusting and gross. Its never been someone at school or in my real life just someone on TV or in a movie and the list isn't huge just a small handful. Although I fantasize about girls (in my life & not in my life like tv/movie) all the time wether or not it gives me an erection.

Also due to curiosity I recently tried anal masturbation. I didn't really enjoy it but my penis did have a little erection, not a full one though. In fact just looking back on it makes me feel quite awkward and uncomfortable. I probably wont try it again because afterwards I feel very gross and nasty. Is that even normal for 13-15 year old boys to be trying?

Does any of that mean that I could be gay? Maybe I'm just scaring myself and over thinking the situation.
Ok. Right. Mate. Its Completley Normal to have these feelings. your hormones are going crazy. YOUR IN PUBERTY. just relax. go with the flow

I am me and i hope 2 help![
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