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Default my dad is an alcoholic, and i need help

ok guys, im new here and i have a big problem. i need ur help . ..i asked a friend on what i should do and he helped alot but words can only go so far. my dad is an alcoholic, and he has a big problem. We end up fighting all the time, and he sometimes hits me. I havent been able to talk to him yet, im afraid he is gonna beat me. He gets drunk maybe 5 times a week... I dont want to talk to a counceller at school, we only have 1, and she doesnt like me that much. and i have gone to her many times and al she seemed to do is tell me everthing im doing wrong and then prove to me that noting is wrong.

i think that going to the cops will be a last resort, i need some help.

my mom is trying to help too, i just dont want both of us to get beaten

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