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Default Re: pokemon.. hehh...

Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
Anyone notice that pokémon has gotten a little bit weird lately? Like the first 151 were great, and then the 251 were also great (a fine addition to the original), but after that, pokémon started losing originality and everything had to have a pre-evolution. I think that 251 was the peak of quality for a pokémon game, because it opened up more but still had great quality to the pokémon.
yea i noticed that lol. they shoulda just kept it at 251 because it seemed like they killed it after that. in my opinion, that also happend with the Tony Hawk games. they killed it after they made Underground. they shoulda just stopped at Tony Hawks Underground in my opinion. i know thats off the pokemon subject, but yea i know what you mean , they have too many pokemon currently
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