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Originally Posted by AllThatYouDreamed View Post
I kind of wish "wicca" was "pagan". It's a more catch-all term (and I believe covers satanists)

Checked other.
I recognize the Gods rights to exists, and to an extent their power in the universe. An extent.
Not fond of the Christian/Jewish/Islamic God. Just. Yeah. There's a lot wrong with how he's handling the world (or not handling it, rather). But I'll acknowledge he exists begrudgingly.

I don't worship them, exactly. Give respect where respect is due, not pray to. Not expect them to do something for me for the hell of it.

I also believe in most mythological creatures. Angels, fairies, elves, dragons, ghosts ect.
No I don't have a logical reason behind this. Since when is faith logical again?
Originally Posted by kyungmi View Post
I do not believe Paganism includes Satanism.
The first section explains it, and the rest of the article is interesting.

Parables and Parasites
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