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Originally Posted by kixxfan46 View Post
u guys are all sick!!!! breast size doesn't affect their looks at all, and even if it did, y judge girls when they are still growing....................srry i ujust had to get it off my chest

and this has nuthin to do with puperty! some1 close this
first of all, everyone has preferences whether you like it or not. second of all, im pretty sure most of the people here were stating their preferences for females in general, not preteen girls. third of all, yeah it has nothing to do with puberty but a mod ( already said he would leave it open.

Originally Posted by lookatthatgirl View Post
i rele agree with u kixxfan, guys stop asking questions like this on threads, if u are rele into this, then talk about it in private!!!!! u can rele make us girls feel bad

and close this plez, there is no need for questions like this
im sorry, but how exactly is anyone supposed to talk about this in private? i get the feeling the guy that made this thread isnt psychic and doesnt know exactly who to PM to ask these questions. altho i do understand what you are saying when you say it makes some girls feel bad. i agree to an extent but i also think that girls (actually people in general) need to develop a sense of security about themselves instead of letting their self esteem get squashed everytime they see something like this. i also agree with you that this thread isnt really needed but it was posted and then decided to keep open so thats how it is unless a mod changes their mind
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