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I kind of wish "wicca" was "pagan". It's a more catch-all term (and I believe covers satanists)

Checked other.
I recognize the Gods rights to exists, and to an extent their power in the universe. An extent.
Not fond of the Christian/Jewish/Islamic God. Just. Yeah. There's a lot wrong with how he's handling the world (or not handling it, rather). But I'll acknowledge he exists begrudgingly.

I don't worship them, exactly. Give respect where respect is due, not pray to. Not expect them to do something for me for the hell of it.

I also believe in most mythological creatures. Angels, fairies, elves, dragons, ghosts ect.
No I don't have a logical reason behind this. Since when is faith logical again?

God help the outcasts, the tattered, the torn. Seeking an answer to why they were born.
Winds of misfortune have blown them about. You made the outcasts, don't cast them out.
The poor and unlucky, the weak and the odd. I thought we all were the children of God.
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