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Default Re: pokemon.. hehh...

Originally Posted by Leper Messiah View Post
That guy already answered so lets have a pokemon discussion I loved pokemon, and i had 2 gameboys so i used the rare candy glitch in blue and got Zapados and a few other various pokemon to lvl 100. I then traded them to Gold version and i owned I love pokemon
Did you mean Zapdos?

Originally Posted by Triple7 View Post
That's how Nintendo liked (and still does like) to make some of its money.
-gasp- Not true! Ok, well maybe it's a little true! But I like the separation. It seems more fun having to find a friend with a different version so you can complete your collection.

Originally Posted by Brody View Post
Does anyone play pokemon stadium?
I find that game hilarious!!!!
The commentator always says the same things.
I have both of them for the N64 - unfortunately, my brother lent the second one to a friend and we haven't seen it since...

Anyone notice that pokémon has gotten a little bit weird lately? Like the first 151 were great, and then the 251 were also great (a fine addition to the original), but after that, pokémon started losing originality and everything had to have a pre-evolution. I think that 251 was the peak of quality for a pokémon game, because it opened up more but still had great quality to the pokémon.

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