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I'm Pagan. Norse. I don't see what's so great about the worlds leading religion, Christianity. It has litterally brought near to nothing, but war, death due to conspiracy, and has drasitically reduced or slowed down our scientific progress that didn't suit it for over a millenia! And also took gods from other religions and faiths and put them into Satan. christianity has destroyed our world and societies. At least Islam, the second leading religion of the world, help advance the worlds of science and philsophy in the past! And also, why do christians look at themselves as superior to jews? Christianity CAME from JUDAISM! It was or originally a religious movement in the jewish faith! the only reason it surfived was because of one the Roman Emporers. Christianity wouldn't exist if Emporer Nero had his way. what christians don't know is that the peace sign so many of them flash to people like me, is that the peace symbol is what Nero used. it's call Nero's Cross for a reason. it's also used as a symbol of death in Nordic culture. And the Nazi's used it on grave stones to show the time of death. Plus, it's a nuclear missile. so yeah. very peacful (sarcastic wink)
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