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Default Re: Bourgeois and Proletariat

Is it just me or does your text get larger ever post? A bit off topic, yes, but anyhow..

Personally, I myself am not completely fond of the concept of currency, I prefer the very old days when people would trade things.

Let's say you have a hunter and a farmer. They both live in a world without currency. Every now and then, the hunter would kill a loose animal, skin its pelt, and make a shirt or something like that. Rather than selling it for money, he could trade it to the farmer for some food.

Money is but a useless object that has been given a numerical value. If we all used objects instead of currency however, we'd all get along more easily and the world would be more convenient. Money is, as I said, a useless object being traded for something of use. However, to me, it seems more logical to trade an object of use to someone else for an object of use to one's self.
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