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Default Re: Is gingerism as bad as racism?

Originally Posted by Reggy View Post
I think it was meant to be ironic based on what was below it. I'm not sure though.
True, Reggy you are correct. It was not meant to be taken in literal term, it was more a metaphor for a hidden message, such are true literary works! To hide your message, so that only someone who is truly reading can find. Its a way to encourage debate. Indeed.

BTW, Reggy, its not proper to double post. instead, if you wish to add something to your previous post, you can edit it. If you post successively, it could be viewed as spam.

Gingerism is laughable. These people do not form a race, they do in fact share characteristics, like look. But in the large picture these similarities are found to be simply appearance, and lack any real connection.

So no, you cant be racist against a ginger, only ignorant.

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