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Default Re: First time to a psychiatrist..

I was diagnosed with moderate depression and anxiety disorder five months ago. I'll be honest, I hated my therapist, my depression and a lot of other things too....Even before my therapist diagnosed me, I hated seeing him..and I still do to this day/ He put me on Zoloft..50mgs..NO FUN!! The first week or so felt wicked, like there were two of me split inside my head. One observed me, the other was a zombielike emotionless thing that sat through school. I also woke up shaking for the first couple of days. I was on the meds for about a month till I had a terrible relapse of self harm that was caused by the meds. This happened because after a while, I began to feel numb, uncomfortably numb. I needed to feel something different because numbness hurts, so does depression. This happened in May (I was diagnosed with depression in Jan, but he put me on meds in parents and I didn't think I needed them so we declined medication...If you're 18 or older, you can make that decision for yourself, I'm a minor so that's why I had to have parental consent)...My depression got to the point where my therapist felt that medicine was absolutely necessary, so at that point my parents did too. I hope your experience with therapy and whatnot is much better than mine was and still is...If you feel comfortable talking to me about this more, I'm more than happy to do so, just shoot me a pm and let me know

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