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Default A few suggestions

I'm glad we're currently updating the site, and I'm pretty happy with the changes that have been made so far But I have a few more that I thought might help.

First, on our forum leaders list, I think we should have groups for moderators just like the admins, counselors and global mods. Like have a section such as "Psychiatric Ward Moderators", "Puberty101 Moderators" and "General Discussion Moderators". That way it'll be more clear if people want to PM a certain staff member or see who moderates which forums.

Secondly I think our site rules need some upgrading. I'm pretty sure Kiros's on that, so no rush

And thirdly, I've created a welcome thread that I hope could be made as an announcement in the Intro forum. It's pretty clear, friendly and informative. Plus I asked a few members and they agreed that it would be a great idea! Visit this link to view the thread:
I think it should be made an announcement.

What do you think about these ideas?
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