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Default Re: Abortion thats right I'm bringing it up again lol

i was told theres a heartbeat as soon as soon as its concieved. but now that i think about it, it doesnt sound right. oh well, my apologies. it doesnt matter that the baby doesnt feel pain. you still keep a human being from living.

like i said, if she was raped, she shouldve gone to the hospital and taken the morning after pill within 48 hours. and thats not killing because a babys not concieved yet. whether or not she's pregnant, a rape is still traumatic. killing the baby doesnt mean it never happened. it wouldnt be easy to carry the baby for nine months, but its the right thing to do. its the brave thing to do. she's most likely going to end up having a baby later, she might as well let one be born now. and when she sees how wonderful having children is, she'll always have that regret of having killed one of them. most people regret getting an abortion. have you ever heard someone say, "man, i'm so glad i got an abortion"
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