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Default Re: The Bible :: Gay Debate

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
I've learned that its undesirable to persecute religion in a capitalist society, both because it has lost its hold on the working class and because though an illusion, it is yet a source of comfort to the distressed.
This reminds me of a discussion we got into in English class. Last year we focused on the literary viewpoints of Freud, Darwin, and Marx and as we got into a Marxist viewpoint of To Kill A Mockingbird, we ended up debating whether Marx would say that Christianity is too powerful in the south U.S. Eventually we agreed on "yes."

During the debate, my English teacher voiced his Marxist opinion that it would be oppressive if religion was forced upon the people, but also that it would be oppresive if religion was stolen from the people as well. My teacher said "Religion shouldn't be something in the legislature- it should stay as something you do on Sunday mornings."

I'd also like to note how far off track we've gotten. Didn't this debate begin as whether Jonathan and David's relationship were a homosexual romance or not? Not that I care, I like the debate as it is now.

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