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Unhappy Help! Best Friend Sex Me Don't Want He Do

See below for easier to read version ~

i tel my best friend every thing, and i told him i did. but he said that i didn't tell him about my "sex life". i said thats well he hasn't we wrote a question list 4 me and i did so 4 him.he asked...

will u suck my cock?
will u sleep with me?
will u make love love with me?
do u [email protected] porn?....ect.

i asked him...

do u masturbate?
have u had sex?
do u look @ porn... ect.

i told him i will tell him the truth and i did. after i [email protected] what he wrote and he looked over what i wote i told him if he want we can...

masturbate together
look @ porn together

thats all i said we could do...but he went a little more...he pined me down and did ****inappropriate thing TO ME***** i dont know what do do tell me mom( she will get mad @ me) tell to poice, tel him to stop( i have),tell his mom. i dont know help me please this isent some spam i really need help
I tell my best friend everything, and I told him I did. But he said that I didn't tell him about my sex life. I said thats because he hasn't either. So he wrote a question list for me and I did so for him. He asked:

-Will you suck my cock?
-Will you sleep with me?
-Will you make love love with me?
-Do you look at porn?

I asked him:

-Do you masturbate?
-Have you had sex?
-Do you look at porn

I told him I will tell him the truth and I did. Afterwards I looked at what he wrote and he looked over what I wrote and I told him if he wants we can:

-Masturbate together
-Look at porn together

Thats all I said we could do, but he went a little more, he pinned me down and forced me to have sex [NOTE: A GUESS NOT A FACT!] I dont know what do, should I tell my mum (she will get mad at me), tell the police, tell him to stop (I have) or tell his mum. I don't know help me please this isn't some spam I really need Help

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