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Default is this right/wrong?

is this natural/unhealthy?

i feel if i call this girl up and ask her to hang out, i might get head. i dont know i just know this girl, and she might be the type of girl that would experiment with things like that.

i posted something before saying i know im not afraid to call this girl up that i havent talk to or seen for a long time, and should i?

so i was gona, but then i mentioned i had weird sex fantasies about her. and i still do. its kinda annoying and i feel if i call her up she might give me head.

not that thats a bad things, its just i never done it before, and i wouldnt be expecting it.

is this right or wrong? or healthy or unhealthy?

ya'll can post, but ill read everything tomorrow, cause im gona turn in. goodnite
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