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Default Re: Going to kill myself

Um what do the bumps look like? Sorry, but it'd suck if you killed yourself over little white bumps (fordyce's spots) that almost every guy has, which are totally natural. And I thinks that's what you might be looking at. You said the bumps were there since you can remember, and you have these little white, harmless bumps everyone has since puberty. AND even if you have an STD, don't kill yourself! If you do have one it's probably something that can be treated with a vaccine or EVEN pills. Some people even get HPV and it GOES AWAY ON IT'S OWN without them ever knowing they had it! Of course, that is rare. But the point is, most STD's are treatable, and as such they are so common an issue that you're life is definitely not worth taking over such an STD.
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