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WOW. I know EXACTLY what you're going through here. My mom has always been there for me () but my dad and I don't really have anything in common, so we never do anything together. So... I turned to my computer. For the last five years. He got really pissed that I use the computer so much, but I explained to him that this is my way of "interacting with people" since I have built many friendships by playing Call of Duty in a clan. Anyway, something has changed in him lately. He's not his usuall critical self. He's been much... nicer and engaging with me lately, and he's making an honest effort to get to know me better. I think it had something to do with the Father's Day sermon he went to, which glaringly pointed out to him all the flaws he had in being a father that was "there" for his kids emotionally. Now things have been getting much better since then, and I'm getting really excited. In fact, we're having a weekend to ourselves coming up where we're gonna do the whole "father-son bonding" thing in the best way possible: goin' out to see Die Hard 4!! Nothing's better than a good action movie that ALL guys of any age can appreciate to bring us together!

Phew. Enough about me . I think you should do the same. Find out what he likes, or what EVERYONE that is male likes (people who don't like Die Hard aren't real men jk) and plan a large amount of time (like a weekend) that the two of you can spend together doing something you both enjoy. Whatever you decide, and whatever happens, GOOD LUCK!
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