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Default Re: Should Marijuana be legal?

Originally Posted by ~FAtUM~ View Post
I think it should be legalized
Canada came VERY close under jean chretien but then Paul Martin stopped it and Steven Harper like...burned it

Canada came NO WHERE CLOSE to legalizing Marijuana. We came close to decriminalizing it yes, but it still would be illegal. No crime rap sheet, just a fine. I think Canada will legalize it one day, hell Amsterdam has a lower crime rate than the states times lower?

Also, Marijuana isn't a gateway drug. It's been proven that something along the lines of 2% of all users have moved on to Harder drugs. Also, we'd be cutting off organized crimes main source of profit.

British Columbia alone, makes $6 Billion a year JUST on Marijuana.

The drug industry/organized crime makes 600 billion a year. I think we should turn that into government money.

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