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Default Re: Complexity in Women

oooh my.....
why would you insult subliminalltim? Lol dude i have to say something Jacob13 (or watever it is) you wanted the advice. From what I find at VT there are some people like myself and tim who are...brutally honest if you will...sometimes more. I am more. If you can't take the honesty from your own fuckin thread then stop posting.
Here's me wrapping it up.

1) Just want to get laid. Thing is, here at VT not only is it banned to give advice on how to get a girl in also gets you a horrible reputation such as the one you have now.
2) It also seems like you have no respect for the dignity of human sexuality. This also gets people mad at you and also gives you a bad reputation.

In other words...You're 14. Chances are with what i'm reading here your balls haven't even dropped yet. So...if you cannot tell...some people (such as myself) do not tolerate attitudes like yours...the attitude of some prepubescent kid (i know that was spelled wrong) who has nothing better to do with his time then find a girlfriend and do what every other 14 year old boy does...try and get her in bed when all of a sudden it backfires!!! And then I get to sit there and laugh my ass off.

So please by all means...try it. I dare you.

Goodday my friend.

10$ say's it never happens.

Our Love will Never Die...
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