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Default Re: Complexity in Women

Woah buddy, first off, I do not appreciate insulting PM's, if you have a problem with me, go out and say it.

Second, Jane is right, perhaps if you treated girls more like regular people instead of safe-boxes, maybe it'd be easier for you to do things. Lastly, in the PM, if I may post it..

ok, for starters, no one takes there time to spell words correctly when they IM or post blogs. Second of all subliminal dumbass as far as doing anything productive this year, hmm well lets see, 4.0 GPA head of debate team, Honor student, Citizenship award for outstanding acidemic acheivments, four grade levels ahead of the rest of my fellow classmates do to the GT program (Gifted and Talented) and as of april i am interning KU in the technical department where i am studying to become a structural engineer.
You'd assume that some one that smart would have a bit more common sense, especially with something like spelling. It doesn't matter how well you do at school, thats not productive, teachers tell you to do that. Get a job, and some common sense while you're out there.
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