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Default Re: Binge eating disorder.

What do you usually binge on? I eat a hell of alot, but i seem to not put on alot of weight, over the last year i have started eating alot, it may just be a fase. I eat alot on a night when im watching TV or something. I suppose it makes a difference what you are binge eating on. It may also be down to your metabaslism i guess i must have a good one because i eat like:

3 bags of crisps
4 biscuits
1 sandwich
1 bowl of cereal
1-2 litres of drink

In usually less than an hour, but i still maintain fairly slim, im not bothered to tell that im almost 14 and i weigh 9 stone 4 pounds and im about 175cm tall.

I think you should see a professional about this, to find out exactly what it is, but please tell me, what is it you binge on?
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