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Default Re: Another gay story!

As Corey wrote he did so inside his binder, opening it every once in a while to add a sentence. This made it look as if he was taking notes, not writing one. When he was done, he folded it three times and held it in his enclosed fist. Now he realized that maybe Sandy would think him strange trying to talk to him so much. Sandy didn’t know that Corey knew he was gay, and he probably didn’t know Corey were gay although he might have gotten the picture already.

When Mrs. Bell went leaned down to retrieve a file from the bottom drawer in her desk, Corey knew it was his only chance to pass the note, so he quickly thrust out his hand and tried to drop it on Sandy’s desk.

However, the unthinkable happened. He missed and the note fell to the floor. Corey tried to pick it up, but a foot stomped down on the note. Luke Karrigan, the little clone of Jacobs. He smirked and opened the note. Corey wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing his anger, so he turned around and forced himself to watch the movie screen. This would not be pretty at all.

“Excuse me, Luke?” Mrs. Bell called from her desk. Literally, saved by the Bell. “No passing notes! Do you want me to make you stand up and read it?”

At first, Luke looked like he was going to pee himself but then he became calmer, and even slightly amused. “Sure, I’ll read it aloud.”

“Oh… you do?” said Mrs. Bell. She paused the tape. Luke’s agreement caught her off guard. “Well, let’s hear it then.” Luke stood up and cleared his throat.

In front of him, Corey had an urge to turn around and punch him as hard as he could in the stomach. Tears were about ready to burst from his eyes.

Luke stood up. After clearing his throat, he began to recite Corey’s note. “Hey, Sandy!” he said in a girly voice. Adam Jacobs sniggered. “Sorry about Adam Jacobs,” he continued, pausing to snigger at the next sentence. He went on in a simpering voice, “What an aaaaasss-hole!”

A few kids in the class burst out laughing. Jacobs muttered angrily, “Which fag in here…” Mrs. Bell stood up.

“That’s enough, Luke.” Unfortunately, Luke ignored her and plowed through.

“What lunch are you in? By the way, I’ve already heard about you from my friend, Molly.” Corey froze. Molly was in his history class! He turned around; she was sitting in second to last seat in the far left row. Molly gave him an sympathetic glance, but looked down quickly in her own embarrassment.

Luke delivered the killing blow. “We should talk more sometime… maybe over lunch?” He sniggered, and finished, “Looove, Corey!”

Adam Jacobs and almost the whole class begin to laugh. Corey unburied his head briefly from his hands to look at Sandy. His hands were covering his own mouth, and he was looking at Corey, trying to get something out of him. Corey couldn’t take it, so he ran out of class without even thinking.

“Corey!” Mrs. Bell shouted as he took off. With his satchel slung around his shoulder and bouncing off his leg, he jogged around, trying to find the most immediate exit. He found the cafeteria and left from the door to the left of it. The cars shined in the brilliant sunlight. Corey looked down as he kept jogging out of that hellhole. He knew he was in for a huge pile of shit from his parents when they’d find out. Somehow he had to avoid going home.

He turned on to 9th Avenue from the parking lot. He figured he could just hang out in the town’s park until he made a real plan.

The park was really only a large lot with some trees, benches, and a swingset. Still, it was public land. Corey took a seat on a bench under a tree. He curled up, hiding his head just like in the classroom, and he began to sob.

On a weekday in October, no one would be walking past the park or through the park to see Corey crying. He wasn’t sobbing so loud, and he was practically invisible in the shade, wearing his dark clothes, and no one was on the street…

After a half hour or so he was done. Wiping his face with his sleeve, Corey fished through his satchel for his cell phone, to check the time.

He flipped it open and held the red phone button to turn it on. When it went to the home screen, he saw an alert: “1 new voice mail”. Corey pressed select and put the phone to his ear.

A female voice chimed in. “Please enter your four-digit password…” and yadda yadda yadda. Corey pushed in the code (8362) and put the phone back to his ear.

The female voice came back. “One. New message.” Beep. A pleasant voice of a teenage boy began to speak. “Hey, Corey, it’s Sandy.” He smiled, leaning against the tree. “Look, what happened today in history must have made you feel like absolute, unimaginable shit. I’m already getting harassed and it’s my first day… So, I’m trying to sneak in this call in the bathroom between classes. I’ll give you my number.”

Corey grabbed for a pen and grabbed it in the nick of time. He scribbled down the numbers on his arm, clamping down on his phone between his ear and his right shoulder.

In Sandy’s message, the new gay boy had just finished reciting his number. “Okay, I really have to go, so, call me, okay? Bye.”

Beep. The female voice returned. “End of messages…” she began to say. Corey hung up on the recording and leaned back against the tree again, smiling.

He checked the time on his phone. 9:31. Ugh… what am I supposed to do until 2:45? he asked himself.

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