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Originally Posted by JacksonMyChemiclRomance View Post
Well I am posting this because I feel there is know one else that feels the way I do to the extent I do.
Yes there is. I felt that way when I was questioning.

Originally Posted by JacksonMyChamicilRomance
Nope I had one crush on a girl but that was a 1st attraction and that apparently does not count because its the 1st time it has happened to u. Emotionaly, well i have this anoting problem were i always have to try and impress guys i dont know how to explain but i care alot more what they think than the opposite sex but i dont see myself settling down with a guy but as for girls they just dont interest me sexualy in ANY way.
That sounds like you're gay. I identify with something very similar!

Originally Posted by Mirataku
Sexual Psychologists agree that most people are not in a definate sexuality, according to the kinsey scale of sexuality. As he maybe your first sexual attraction, he might have a high rank in your sexuality but you might not be gay.
Hey, I know a hot girl when I see one, and I think to some extent women can be beautiful, pretty, hot, cute etc but I'm just not into that. I don't agree with the Kinsey scale for sexuality - I agree with most of his other work tho

But as said (yada yada yada) you're the only one that can find your true sexuality!
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