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Originally Posted by JacksonMyChemiclRomance View Post
Nope I had one crush on a girl but that was a 1st attraction and that apparently does not count because its the 1st time it has happened to u. Emotionaly, well i have this anoting problem were i always have to try and impress guys i dont know how to explain but i care alot more what they think than the opposite sex but i dont see myself settling down with a guy but as for girls they just dont interest me sexualy in ANY way.
maybe you're just physically attracted to men but not emotionally, which many psychiatrists and scientists say is not gay, but rather very normal.

Originally Posted by Enkoi View Post
Personally, I wouldn't know. However, I feel it is up to you to decide. I think it might be a phase.
And maybe this "strife for male attention" has to do with wanting to be accepted by your peers? I'm only giving a guess at this. At your age, many boys and girls want this for either gender.
I don't think you will know until it happens, and at the same time ofcourse don't go forcing yourself to "want girls" if you are afraid of being gay, or "want guys" if you really are convinced you are gay. Just allow time to let it fall into place.

Good luck!!
I couldn't agree more...

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