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Default Father figures

Hey guys, first off, my father does provide my family well. He and my mother do live together but they dont get along. Everyday i feel im seperating from both my parents more and more.

But to the point: My dad goes to work early, comes home late. But mentaly he isnt there. On weekends he never wants to do anything with me or my sister. If i asked him what game i like to play on the computer, he wouldnt be able to answer the question. He barely even takes notice of what my friends' names are. So, i took refuge too my computer as a father figure. I know this sounds strange, but my computer is the only thing that i can do these days. My father never takes interest in me, or my mother for that matter.

Anyway, he doesnt like me being on my computer 24/7 like i always do. Not sure why, he just dosent. But im growing further and further apart from him and dont know what to do. Any suggestions?

Much love to all of VT! Greatest teen community ever!! =)
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