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Default Re: pokemon.. hehh...

#27. Sandshrew (B) - found almost everywhere!
#37. Vulpix (B) - found near Cinnabar Island, Routes 7 and 8.
#52. Meowth (B) - found in Routes 5 through 8.
#69. Bellsprout (B) - found almost everywhere!
#124. Jynx - found in Cerulean City (trade for Poliwhirl).
#125. Electabuzz (R)- found in Power Plant.
#126. Magmar (B) - found near Cinnabar Island.
#127. Pinsar (B) - found near Celadon City and Safari Zone.
#128. Tauros - found near Safari Zone and Route 18.

the (B) means its from blue and the (R) means its from red

i got the information from this site which i used all the time when i played pokemon:

have fun
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