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I can only say I'm Catholic, I believe in pretty much everything except the strict traditions about marriage and such, and that's mostly because every guy I dated has not been Catholic. I want to get married to any one of any religion who ever he may be and I don't want it to be a fight, even though I cannot guarentee that. It's just a dream. My bf now is protestant but I don't feel that's too far off, really.
I have to say I am VERY religious though, and I pray and believe in God and have and follow the basic morals. I used to read the bible a lot...(what happened?).

I'll figure it out. And I dont critize or poke at other religions because my religion respects other's beliefs even if we disagree (we're supposed to). My religion is basically there to teach anyone they can to live as good people so we can rejoice in heaven with God. That's my basic idea. I want to live a full life. A life of meaning. Although hapiness and meaning can't be one in life, but I wan't one of them. I don't know.

I only know in my life the Lord exsists because he's been there for me so much when I called for him. I feel I must make him happy and be his child.

I once wanted to be a deacon, and spend more time in the Lords house. Woman can be deacons!! =D

-My two cents.
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