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Angry Re: Complexity in Women

uhh yea im seconding the bullshit declaration. So u mean to tell us that you have been dating for 3 years...since 11? uhh dude thats a little young to start dating am i right? my mom wouldn't let me start dating until i was 15...but thats beyond the point.

Yea...chill. My geuss is you are probably one of those guys who think they really know what a girl wants and what a girl feels and needs when in reality you are just another freakin' poser who thinks hes "cool" and "hardcore," now chances are you are no more than a freshman. Let me give you some freshman see in high school if you act "hardcore" or "cool" you get your ass kicked by juniors and seniors and sometimes even sophomores.

You're 14!!!! Hello!!!! A girlfriend should be the last worries you have. When I was 14 (currently 16) I was more concerned on actually passing the 18th grade.
Don't worry bout dating till like 9th grade or something...even then sucks because chances r you will wind up liking a sophomore or something.

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