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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
bras keep your boobs from sagging. the only time i dont wear a bra is when i'm in the shower, because i want them to stay perky. and i dont want guys to know what my nipples look like, because theyre as small as guy nipples. and i feel flat chested without a tiny bit of padding. if your bra is uncomfortable, you should buy a new one because i guess that yours are too small. i dont feel comfortable without one. if you dont wear a bra, people can tell. and they will talk.
Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
What's wrong with that? I understand that you wouldn't want guys to see what you look like (duh, I'd never go out in just my underwear ) but most guys I know PREFER smaller nipples; they find them more attractive. Guys here might even agree .
I agree with that aswell. Smaller nipples look way better. No need to worry. And i dont know of a girl who doesnt wear a bra.
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