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Originally Posted by Youssef Karam View Post
Sorry, but the belief in nothing can be classified as a way of thinking, or an idea.

Also, what is aethiests goals then? What is an aethiests concern in the modern world? I've met too much aethiests, and all they do is CONDEMN agnostics, christians, muslims, hindus and buddhist.

Where i'm from, they're narrow-minded and ignorant, and your actions further proves my point.
1) You didn't really read my post well.

2) Don't debate something you can't spell. It's atheist, not aethiest.

3) Anyone who claims all of one thing is one particular thing and nothing else is closed minded. All because there's a group of Muslim extremists doesn't mean all Muslims are terrorists. All because there's Christians bombing Planned Parenthood's doesn't mean all Christians will kill people who commit abortion. Not all atheists are going to stab you with a pitchfork for having different beliefs, well, that's unless you try to force your views on them. If you do so, prepare yourself.

4) All because I don't believe in a higher power doesn't mean I believe in 'nothing'. I believe in what's in front of me and what is factual evidence. That's not illogical in any way.

5) You're stereotypical and that makes you wrong.

6) Zippity-Zoppity-Dibbidy-doo

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