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Default Re: Another gay story!

After a grueling math lesson first period and about fifty homework problems, Corey rounded the corner and went to the end of the B-hall to get to Honors world history class. He took his seat in the middle of the room as others took their seats as well. Still thinking about this new guy, he slowly took out his binder and a pencil and laid them on his desk. Corey fell into a slump, burying his face in his arms. Would he ever get to at least meet this guy?

“You must be Sandy,” he heard faintly. He looked up to see a lanky boy with shaggy, dyed blonde hair. He wore a My Chemical Romance arm patch. Oh my God… thought Corey. That’s my favorite band. Sandy adjusted his satchel nervously as the history teacher, Mrs. Bell, introduced herself and directed him to a seat. And the seat was right next to Corey.

He perked up as Sandy sat down. Corey smiled at Sandy warmly and Sandy shyly returned the greeting.

“Hey,” Corey began. “I’m Corey.” Slowly he extended his hand across the aisle towards Sandy, who hesitated. His expression grew from timid to friendly as he took Corey’s hand and shook it.

“Sandy,” he introduced himself plainly. He let go of Corey’s hand. Sandy’s hand was so smooth and warm. Corey just wanted one more handshake… or at least a million.

“New here, then?” Corey continued, but winced inwardly. No shit he’s new here, which would explain why we’re introducing ourselves.

“Yup,” Sandy replied nonchalantly.

“Queers,” someone said in a stage whisper from the back of the room. Corey was going to turn around and flip the dude off but Mrs. Bell had already started droning. He knew who it was though: Adam Jacobs. He was the smarter version of Louis Gordon. It was such a shame that a bright kid like Jacobs felt the need to harass others to improve his own self-esteem, but that’s high school.

Mrs. Bell ended up putting in a video about Joseph McCarthy. Corey nearly fell asleep during the movie when an idea hit him: should he try and pass a note to Sandy?

No way. It would seem too desperate. But still… he needed to have connections with him. He was the only other gay guy at their school.

So before he could regret it, Corey began scribbling a note on a half-leaf of notebook paper.

Hey Sandy,
Sorry about Adam Jacobs. What an asshole.
What lunch are you in? By the way, I’ve already heard about you from my friend Molly. We should talk some more sometime. Hopefully over lunch?

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