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Default Re: Bourgeois and Proletariat

Okay a bum with terrorist ideals

You just dont like your job
Very few people do
get over it

I LOVED my last job EXTREMLY long days were talkin many 26hr days out in the middle of nowhere
I felt GREAT I was proud of my job
I was proud of my pay cheque
I was proud that I was living away from home
and I was having a BLAST with my coworkers

Break-up happened and at the same time my company sold to Flint Safety....ewwww

So now i'm helping my parents renovate and then Outfitting from September to November

Then a job till Feb
then school

Because I live in the west where I can get a job
Where I can get food
Where I Have clean drinking water
A home
and WICKED toys


Communism is flawed
thats been proven over and over and over
I have no intrest in busting my ass and watching some complete bum acheive exactly the same as me
fuck that
If you work hard you should have something to show for it
something to be proud of


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