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Default Re: Bourgeois and Proletariat

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
No, I refuse to become wealthy off of the labor of others. The cloths on my back reek of blood. Starving children, bellies bloated, hands calloused, sew the shirt on my back, every rise of his hand seared with pain, the hunger in his stomach was aching, burning, tearing at his insides. He forgot how to taste, how to breath, he suffered and died. For what, a piece of shit, a tee shirt, a shoe, a fucking computer. This is macro capitalism, where this awful government supports its slave drivers, the capitalists, the regimes, the wal mart, the kmart, the target, the kroger, the mcdonalds, the burger king, the wendys, the jc pennys, the belk, the dollar store, the PG&E's and the Entergy's and all the smut that you hate, that owns us all. I will NOT be an oppressor, I will NOT feed the machine, I refuse. BREAK the machine i say, SLAUGHTER the machine, it has been cruel, and shallow, and hallow and a hallucination. I am a communist, I am a freedom fighter, I am anti America, anti western thought, the day of reckoning has come, and americas days of plenty are few, because the people will not forever be blind to the oppressor!

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