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Default Re: Bourgeois and Proletariat

Originally Posted by Trebor View Post
So, you want to live in a third world economy? The only way that's better is if you live in Arkansa.
Objection, leading the witness! *mutters something about validity*

Your posts arent very valid arguments. They are more snide remarks with little to no factual bearing. You say only a third world economy? But you skew the reality. Communism is the next leap forward by society. Its a fact, *asking me or many sociologists* Capitalism can only hold off for so long. Are you rich my friend? Middle class? Privileged? No worries? I work, 8 to 12 hours a day, labor, I serve no purpose have no creativity, I'm an alienated robot, doing as I'm told by some bourgeois pig! Its difficult. Theres hardly money to eat, to pay the bills. I see no future for me in a capitalist country. Why not try and better myself. If all the world shared the world, then nobody would be poor or rich.

The bum down the street would still be a bum on the street. He represents a counter culture, and would change little from a capitalist to a communist country.

capitalism is greed
communism is equality

what are you?

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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