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Default Re: Saddest song you've ever heard?

i got quite a few:

1) I Will Remember (it's a tribute to the Columbine school shooting)
by Sarach McLachlan
2) The Chair
by The 69 Eyes
3) Wasting the Dawn
by The 69 Eyes
4) Suicidal Failure (not sad as in it made me cry, but sad as in scary)
by Suicidal Tendencies
5) Planets (that song really "hit home" for me when I listened to it first time)
by Adema
6) Giving In
by Adema
7) Girl All The Bad Guys Want (I know it sounds stupid, but I cried because I am just like the "guy" in this song if you listen to it)
by Bowling for Soup
8) Suicide is Painless
by Marilyn Manson (Japan PROMO version CD)
9) Teenage Suicide (not really sad, but really scary first time I heard it)
by Unwritten law
10) What If We Could
by Blue October
11) The Way You Lived
by CKY
12) Beautiful
by H.I.M.
13) And Love Said No
by H.I.M.
14) The Funeral of Hearts
by H.I.M.
15) Join Me In Death
by H.I.M.
16) Your Sweet 666
by H.I.M.
17) Fly ( was sad in the movie "Raise your Voice")
by Hilary Duff
18) Vivica
by Jack Off Jill
19) Love Song
by Jack Off Jill
20) Picture
by Kid Rock (featuring Sheryl Crow)
21) Alone I Break
by Korn
22) Trash
by Korn
23) Our Truth
by Lacuna Coil
24) The Rest of My Life
by Less Than Jake
25) Heart-Shaped Glasses (it reminds me of me and this girl)
by Marilyn Manson
26) Spade
by Marilyn Manson
27) Broken Hands
by Mower
28) Redemption
by Shadows Fall
29) Everything Changes
by Staind
30) Better Off On My Own (my friend made a music video using this song about a kid who reminices bad times, then he commits suicide)
by Sum 41
31) I Don't Wanna Be Me
by Type O' Negative
32) When It All Falls Apart
by The Veronicas
33) Race Against Myself
by The Off-Spring
34) Die Sci-Fi
by Wednesday 13

wow.. im weird, i went through my whole iTunes library looking for sad songs lol. and now im done. hope ya read them all or at least read half of them or close to it.
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