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Default Re: Bourgeois and Proletariat

Ew no! If I work hard, I should get more than the lazy bum next to me. There's no incentive to work hard or even work at all. Communism benefits the poor, not the middle class and rich. Communism gives the poor a raise while everyone else big a pay cut. We are not equal. Some work hard and hence why they have money. If someone goes through years of college and becomes a doctor he should make hell of a lot more than some garbage man who's some drop out.

Some people are poor because they don't want to work hard. All those kids you see in high school goofing off, coming to class late, sleeping in class, and not doing their work will suffer and pay the price if they don't change. Someone who did their work and worked hard shouldn't give 60% of his pay check to lazy scums like them. The person doesn't deserve it. He should NOT make the same pay because he does not contribute the same.

I love capitalism and I love the oppurtunity it can give you. Anyone can be successful in it. You just have to work hard. It's not going to happen for you.
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