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Default Re: Should Marijuana be legal?

People chose to break the law. It is their choice. People make decisions everyday and if they make the wrong one, they deal with the consequences. People shouldn't be rewarded for breaking the law just because others do it too. It defeats the purpose of the law to begin with and it's giving up and giving in.

How exactly can marijuana be beneficial on the social level?

Right now, I can only see it's disadvantages. People becoming less productive, becoming mentally ill, becoming more unhealthy and teens and people becoming addicted. Leading into other worst drugs and developing a tolerance which would lower the bar and become numb into worst drugs.

I think keeping that to a minimum with it illegal is better than having it legal so some users can "feel good." When I weigh the benefits, less people negatively affected by the use of it the better.

Alcohol and cigarettes are harmful and each can do equally or much more damage. I don't like the idea of "well if thats bad why can't we add another" because why should we add more substances? Why add to the list? Why add another thing that can be bad to already bad things?
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